Grandma Jones’ Pancakes (The Best Homemade Pancakes, Ever!)


I thought a really good recipe in time for Christmas and out of town guests was in order. The recipe I am sharing with you is the one I grew up with, forgot (oh the humanity!), and then rediscovered.

The story of these pancakes…

My wife and I were newly married. We wanted pancakes one morning so we hopped in the car, drove the the store, bought some pancake mix, and syrup. We didn’t have a griddle then so we used the large nonstick skillet on medium heat.

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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Yes, I know saying “the best” is a big boast. But, after the first time I tasted these chocolate chip cookies, there was no turning back. After you have them, I think you’ll agree—they are the best. I worked in a kitchen for 10 years and ate a lot of cookies during that time. I know a good cookie when I taste it. As far as homemade chocolate chip cookies go, this one is simply the best.

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