DavidWelcome to the Amusing Stone blog… my name is David Stone. When I first heard about blogs I thought it was a dumb idea. Who would want to write a blog… it’s all a bunch of self bloviating (I now think of Twitter this way). Well years later, here I am starting one myself; I am beginning to see their value for helping provide information.

The purpose of this blog will be both serious and humorous, though I must say it will mostly be serious. I will cover a variety of topics: politics, religion, guitar, social issues, economics, and practical matters like cooking, how to buy a house, research a product, or handling finances in general. In other words, this blog is for both philosophical and practical information transmission. Yes, will do some social commentary and rant occasionally. (Often about people not using their turn signal!) But pretty much any topic is fair game. I have many areas of interest, mainly in the previously mentioned topics. Part of what I plan to do with this blog is share the information in a simple and understandable way.

I am an average guy but I figured I could be another resource of information for people looking help. I would like to think I have a measure of wisdom, not just from living over 30 years (thought that is part of it), but because I am continually learning about the Bible. This fact, that I am a Christian, may not make its appearance on every post, but rest assured, I use a biblical worldview as much as possible, and everything I write is sifted though this filter. I think it is only fair to be up front about how I evaluate and interpret informant. I know most people do not think the Bible is worth considering, but in regard to this blog I say “too bad” there are other resources out there besides mine. Do I think I am right every time, emphatically no, no human can be. I make mistakes, and when I find them I will correct them and let you know about it.

My main goal, using this blog, is to help people live a skillful, fulfilling life. I do not believe this is possible without the wisdom of the Bible, but more importantly the saving faith of Christ. If you want to know more about having a relationship with Jesus the Christ right now, click here. Christianity is not about religion in the classic sense, but a true relationship the Creator.

I hope to post once week but at this point my posts will be in fits and starts while I work out a schedule of writing, posting, and living life. My wife, Jenna, may also make an occasional appearance to write about topics that interest her (as with most couples she is very different from me in several areas), she might even start her own blog.

Thank you for reading, I hope to provide some illumination that will help you live a wiser life.

-David Stone