Take Two Chill Pills

Liberals relax! Republicans are helping you!

As Daniel Horowitz said in his recent article, “The real problem is that Republicans have already adopted all of the premises and messaging of the other side [liberals/democrats]. As Mark Levin said earlier this week, ‘Rather than confront the Left at the base of their arguments, Republican officials by and large live in fear of principles they proclaim at election time but reject at governing time‘” (emphasis mine).

Two Quick Points

1) The preexisting condition mandate isn’t insurance, it’s a subsidy with a premium. Can you get home insurance AFTER your house burns down? But really, relax! The preexisting condition isn’t going away despite what’s being reported because the GOP by-and-large agrees with the Democratic party. Only details are the problem.

2) Americans are extremely charitable. More so than the rest of the world I dare claim. Instead of allowing charities and charitable hospitals (like Children’s Hospital LA where Jimmy Kimmel took his child) do the work the government is trying to do, many Americans are starting to believe healthcare is supposed to be provided (or at least highly managed) by government because they benefit from the someone else paying their medical bill. (Cocaine is a helluva drug!)

“Hi socialism!” Hi fascism!” Take your pick. They’re just different flavors of the same control of your life. Make no mistake, we’re headed in that direction at a quickening pace, but in the meantime, I hope Americans won’t complain when healthcare for all, including your children, is run as efficiently as it is today by the VA. You’d do well study socialized medicine from both liberal and conservative perspectives. Oh, yeah, “…but the Kardashians are on!”

Many other western countries have more socialized medicine than the U.S. If it’s as wonderful as “Feel-the-Burn” Sanders says, then why do many people when they have the (financial) choice come to the US for care and surgeries? Who goes to Cuba or Canada for healthcare? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure they’re not coming here because we have great insurance.

Also of note, healthcare and insurance aren’t the same thing. A quick internet search reveals the difference. All the insurance in the world won’t do any good if there’s no care to be found.

A Bitter Pill

Humans, by nature, respond to incentive and disincentive—the carrot and stick. Unfortunately, if the incentive of making money is taken away for those providing services in the healthcare system then *poof * innovation disappears and wait times increase, but you will have insurance. Do you work harder when your pay is cut? On the flip side, if people are reimbursed for their government insurance, will they want to give that subsidy up? (Again, cocaine is a helluva drug!)

Who do you want to be in charge of your life? You or Uncle Sam? This might seem like a strange question in a blog post about the GOP helping Democrats in healthcare, but it isn’t far-fetched. If “the man” controls and pays for your healthcare, can’t he tell you how much you must weigh and if you’re eligible for a needed surgery? After all, it’s just a matter of controlling cost for the greater good of everyone else.

Both Republicans and Democrats are moving towards socialized healthcare because it’s a magnificent way to obtain power. The Republicans put on a dog and pony show to get their voters to… wait for it… vote for them, and then go do the opposite of what they said. Sadly for everyone except those in power, socialism has never, ever worked in the past and it never will work. It always leads to death and suffering.

There is no free lunch.

The truth does not change.

I encourage you to read this linked article. It explains the situation I described in much more detail. Republicans can falsely believe real change occurred and liberals can rest easy.


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