Some Health Care Clarity

I had a few short thoughts today about health care I’d like to share (which means it isn’t as refined as normal).

When the insurance companies are forced to cover preexisting conditions they are no longer insurance companies. Here’s why. This is like someone having their $100,000 house burn down and then getting fire insurance policy for $100 per month with an up front payout (it would take about 83 years to pay $100,000). The insurance company isn’t going to make that deal. Insurance covers what might happen in the future, not what has happened in the past.

Evil or not, if insurance companies are forced to pay for preexisting medical conditions they are going to pay out more than they take in in premiums which will require subsidies (taxpayer dollars) and increased premiums. Otherwise, they will go out of business. There are better solutions.

So let’s not kid ourselves, this whole “health care” debate isn’t about health care and never has been, it’s about who’s going to pay for someone’s medical costs. At some point, after the situation with the Affordable Care Act or Trump-RyanCare gets bad enough, people will cry out for the government to “Do something!” The politicians are going to say we need a single payer option (translation: government-run health care). If you think this is a good idea look up the wait times for the Canadian health care system which is just one aspect of government-run health care.

If health care is a right, then I’m pretty sure food, housing, and a guaranteed minimum income are rights, too. We cannot live without food, a place to reside, and money on which to exist. Maybe we should also be given a car. After all, we need a way to get around.

I’ve been learning about economics and taxes, and pretty soon I’ll post about this to, hopefully, help you understand how they’re related.

What are your thoughts on this topic?


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