Book Review: A Nefarious Plot


A demon lord of hell laying out the game plan for America’s destruction? Yes.

Is Nefarious, the aforementioned demon lord, prideful and arrogant? Yes.

Does he insult his reader? You bet. (What demon who hates your guts wouldn’t?)

Does he believe he cannot fail, and blatantly wags this “fact” in your face every time he gets a chance? Of course.

Is this a must read book? Definitely. It is a playbook from hell after all.

Nefarious lays everything out. I do mean everything. He is so arrogant and believes his plan is so successful, he holds nothing back. (You’ll even chuckle a few times as he laughs in your face.)

America’s founding and history was particularly challenging for Nefarious to unravel. Why do you think this is? Well, if you can believe him he explains what this special challenge was and why corruption was mandatory. He also relates the theology of his Master’s fall from heaven and why demons rebel, and how he entices our human nature to do evil.

Since he is masterful at deception and lies are his forte, he assumes he is in control. So, while he doesn’t actually “let the cat out of the bag,” he lets’ just enough slip to reveal how you can halt his plan. I won’t divulge the secret, you’ll have to read the book for yourself.

This lord of hell covers all the principal areas, disclosing how each has been corrupted:

  • History (he begins with the Reformation and Renaissance)
  • Society (how we are made dependent on government, hint: the family unit must be destroyed)
  • Politics (how government is converted into the ultimate authority)
  • Education (do you even know how to spell renaissance? He doesn’t think so.)
  • Economics (the roll of debt),
  • The Church (it must be stopped, or at least made impotent)

Nefarious’s theology is solid. Remember, even demons believe the Bible.

What I liked about this book? It is engaging and enjoyable to read, it puts all the elements in one place—the real history of the U.S. and its founding—and the progression of the corruption. It is filled with facts to back up this information, specific examples of the problem. But, best of all, if you carefully read, he explains also how to stop it. And, perhaps most importantly, this book will make clear—from the perspective of evil—what God hates.

I must say my favorite line from the book is, “The welfare state became the condom of the sexual revolution” (p. 36). Nefarious explains: The welfare state had to come first so people need not endure the consequences and guilt of their behavior which followed as a result of “free love.”

One thing I wish Mr. Deace would do is to provide a list of resources he read to compile this book so we can do further study if we wish. The way Steve has the bombastic Nefarious report the information is factual and the demon doesn’t care about citing information let alone using the word God. He says, “you know who” or “g-d”, and Jesus is almost always “the carpenter.”

This book was loosely inspired by The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. (Free trivia factoid: A Nefarious Plot is 200 pages long, the same number as Screwtape, Deace said this was not planned.)

If you are at all interested in learning how our country became the America it is today while being entertained at the same time, give this book a read. It might shake you up a little, too.




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