One Tip to Make Your Razor Blade Last Twice As Long


Do you want your blades to last longer, and would you like a closer shave? Then read on because I am going to tell you how to do this.

I buy a replaceable three-bladed razor head as my shaving tool and each one lasts one month. I purchase in bulk online and, due to this, I spend less than $2.00 a month on shaving. There is no way I could get this kind of mileage out of a razor blade without using this technique.

This technique works well with any knife, but it works especially well with razor and hair. A razor is typically dragged horizontally (handle first) across the skin. This isn’t wrong, especially if the razor is sharp. The problem starts after a few shaves. The blade edge begins to deteriorate—and cannot be resharpened. When the dulled blade is then dragged across the skin it rips hair out, it hurts, and we think it’s time to replace the blade.

When the blade is held at a slight angle the edge does not hit the hair straight-on, but to the side. As the blade continues to move, the hair moves a little along the blade (like a saw). This causes the hair to be cut instead of torn.

Here’s the tip: Hold the razor at a slight angle as you draw the blade across your skin.


Think of it this way. With a very sharp knife, if you take a tomato and try to push a knife directly down though the tomato it will cut cleanly. But, if you use a duller knife and push down though the tomato it will smash the tomato in two (ouch!). If you take that same dull knife and draw the blade (move the edge back and fourth) it will cut the tomato much more easily.

This technique will also give you a closer shave by reducing the hairs’ resistance to the blade edge thus lengthening the life of your blade.

Give it a try and tell me what you think via comments or email.


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