We Are In Deep

sad dog

He is a list of scandals from the Obama administration.

IRS targeting of Obama’s political enemies
ATF Fast and Furious
the deserter being traded for five Islamic terrorist generals
VA Scandal
NSA Spying Scandal
AP Phone Record Scandal
(monitoring of a reporter’s phone and email)
Hilarygate (selling access to the U.S. government thought the Clinton Foundation)

Here’s the point: We are in deep doo-doo.

All of our the recent presidents have had scandals. Watergate bought down Nixon; Bush had the Iraq War, Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, and Reagan had Iran-Contra. All presidents, even George Washington, have had scandal or at the least controversy. But, you see, the above list of scandals—MAJOR Watergate size scandals—have each occurred under ONE president.

Based on media bias (note: there is no such thing as fair an balanced news) just one of the above scandals for a conservative or Republican president would be enough to have them impeached or at least force them to resign. But I digress…

These scandals are for one president, how many will the next one have? How offensive or freedom endangering will they be? I am sure the issue of having poor leaders is not going to get better by itself.

Moreover, this is not a Washington or government problem, this is a citizen problem. The leaders in office are citizens like you and me—a product of our culture, meaning what they have learned. They are a sample of what the citizens of this country hold dear. That should upset you.

We are to blame for this problem of bad leadership (notice I include myself). Why? Because we either decide to not vote, and/or we are not informed on the candidates and the issues to be voted upon. We shouldn’t just believe what politicians tell us, without checking the truth in it, or vote only for a “D” or an “R.” Maybe more importantly, we need to understand basic economics and the original intent of the Constitution. I, too, am still learning about both.

Though inaction or poor choices, we are choosing to give our government to people who do not have our best interests or the country’s best interests in mind even if they believe they do care about the country. I do not limit this to our current administration. However, this post is about us, not them. We put these politicians in office with our vote—or by the lack thereof. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Here’s a short video to pinpoint part of the problem I am talking about:

As an aside, relying on the media for candidate education is not a good idea. We need to know their real history not just what the media tells us because history is the best predictor of future actions. We should also be willing to hear both sides of the argument and evaluate it’s validity.

At the heart of this post is a plea for a return to moral values. Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration, pointedly said, “I anticipate nothing but suffering to the human race while the present paganism, deism, and atheism prevail in the world.”1 History has shown this to be true, look at Russia, China, Latin America, and Cambodia. We don’t want what has happened to them to happen here in the USA.

More importantly, John Adams declared: “[W]e have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”2 He knows what he is talking about because he was there at the founding of our country.

If you like freedom it’s time to change. If you are comfortable with the way things are, do nothing and soon enough every aspect of your life will be chosen for you (just like it was or is in the previously mentioned countries). The United States is uniquely positioned as government by the people. Other countries don’t get the choice we do.

The answer to our country’s problems starts with each individual citizen: We each must change our minds and begin learning about the founding of the United States. You must start living, not just believing in, a moral and religious life. Can we really hold our leaders to a standard we don’t follow?

Okay, so I laid out what to do, but here’s the deal, if you’re reading this you probably already know about at least some of this problem and at least an idea we must do something. I cannot tell you how to make those changes but I can offer two books as guides: The 5000 Year Leap and Liberty and Tyranny. Both are well written and very understandable. The learning part is easy. The hard part is teaching/informing others—I am struggling with this myself.

Pulling this country out of the doo-doo we’ve sunk in will not happen overnight, the ship of government corrects slowly. It will not be a top down change but a bottom up change though each one of us.

Please share your thoughts with me below.


1Barton, David, Original Intent, pg. 144.

2Ibid, 319.


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