What Is Truth? (Introduction)


Pilate asked Jesus: “What is truth?” I believe our culture (2000 years later) is asking the same question. But at the same time, our culture is pushing Judeo-Christan ethics (and God) out while giving little to no thought as to what will take its place. (Example here.) The only criteria is the replacement cannot be Christianity. However, people need truth, otherwise, we are in for a world of hurt.

I recently played a game called Skyrim, it is a pretty fun game (the graphics are amazing) and you can chose to go and do whatever you want. The problem I had with the game was: It is devoid of right and wrong. You could never tell the good from the evil. You could murder, steal, lie, intimidate and bribe as often as you want to get what you wanted—if you believed that was okay. There are many other games of this nature, and it seems our country is becoming like that game. Most of our politicians act this way, and they were put voted into office by people who often do the same.

I have been struggling deeply with the question: How do I help my country? There are a stunning number of problems facing us and it is almost overwhelming to the point I’d prefer to give up, but I cannot, I will not. I have written about some problems and will continue to write about them, but this post is to pinpoint what exactly the problem is: A lack of Truth.

I plan to make the case that we cannot know real or absolute truth without God. I am trying to break this subject down to its most basic parts and trying to write simply and understandably. I will start with a definition of truth, then follow up with evidence for truth. I am sure this is the most pressing issue for the people of our country. If truth can be reestablished within this nation the other problems can be resolved. We will know where to go once we have grasped the Truth. In other words, we must have a starting point so we know what direction to go.

Right now, the “truth compass” is breaking, it might already be broken. We as a country do not know what real truth really is. Meaning, as a country and people we lack understanding of what truth is in and of itself.

If you have question please post the question or email me. I will try to answer your question.


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