Eight Tips On How to Keep a Job, part 2


Here are the other seven tips on keeping a job. They are wide, varied, and not in any particular order.

2) Hold your tongue, and don’t talk back.

Not only is talking back bad form but it can get you fired. Your boss might be wrong or your coworker might have just said something disrespectful but don’t talk back. If it’s your boss, cool down and then talk to them respectfully, later. If it is a coworker, wait to talk to them, or wait and talk to your boss. The main thing here is go put time between you and the incident that upset you. Lippy, snippy, and downright disrespectful comments have caused countless numbers of people to lose their job. Is not having a job really worth getting the last word in?

3) Don’t use vulgar language.

Even in situation were vulgar language is acceptable (construction sites come to mind) I have seen people lose their job. Just don’t do it. Vulgar language is an easy habit to cultivate and a harder one to stop (I even struggle with it sometimes). If you can only comment by using a vulgar word it might be best not to say anything.

4) Do your best. Have positive attitude. Smile.

Simple advice I know, but many people lose their job because they just don’t care, have a bad attitude, or look (yes look) and sound grumpy. Again, we all have bad days and can’t always plaster a smile on our faces—this is not what I am talking about. Try to have a good attitude every day, and smile. Your job might suck but do your best anyway. This is about having a good internal mindset as much as looking happy. Acting and being pleasant is very important when interacting with customers directly.

5) Don’t use your cell phone at work! Be very careful with social media (like Facebook).

So this is really two tips in one but they are related. I have seen this be a problem for every age group but especially people born in 1990 or after. If your employer has any kind of policy on no cell phone use. DON’T USE YOUR PHONE! It is that simple. Looking at the text you just got from your BFF is not worth your job. If it is, enjoy being unemployed. If your employer doesn’t have a policy and you are told not to use your cell phone, don’t use it.

In addition, if you have company equipment (cell phone, laptop, tablet), don’t use them for ANYTHING but work, no personal emails, no gambling, no trying to hook up with a coworker using sexual language, and no porn. If this equipment goes home with you, you must be doubly careful to not let anyone else use it because you are responsible for anything that happens with the company’s property.

When I comes to things like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, do not post anything derogatory about your employer (especially on their Facebook page), and do not complain about coworkers, the hours you work, or the pay you get. This looks bad for the company and they will let you go. I have seen this over and over again. Above all, don’t make any threats of any kind. Lastly, don’t call into work sick and then post about the great time you had at the bar that day. Your job will say “bye-bye” to you.

6) Don’t gossip.

Talking about your boss or coworkers does nothing but cause problems. If you are not your coworkers boss what they do is not your business. If they are doing something wrong, illegal and so on, then you might want to talk to your boss but otherwise let them fall on their own. If you gossip more than likely you’re going to lose your job even if you’re right. If you have issues with your boss and you gossip about them, you’re probably going to get fired. By gossiping you try to make yourself out to be better than someone else. My main point is this: Don’t talk about other people it causes a bad work environment. An employer won’t put up with this. If you are a Christian read Col. 3:8.

7) Don’t steal.

Seriously, don’t take anything, not even a paperclip. I have talked to people who have been fired for stealing tens of thousands of dollars down to a Styrofoam cup. Unless the company specifically states you can take something, it isn’t yours. Period. This also includes stealing time. Leaving work while still clocked in, sleeping on the clock, and taking a smoke break when not on break will get you fired. Even if your boss or supervisor says you can take something and you know it could be considered stealing, don’t take it. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

8) Live within your means.

You’re probably thinking: What does this have to do with keeping a job? Actually a lot. I have talked to many people who get behind on their bills and either lose their car (though breakdown or repo), or they get kicked out of their home. People also lose their job because their electricity gets cut off and their alarm doesn’t go off. Because of this, they either can’t make it to work, or end up having to move home with other family and quit their job. What does it mean to live within your means? Simply, don’t spend more than you make. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace to get out of debt and build savings. If you let it, this book will change your life.

Following these eight tips will help you keep your job and possibly get a promotion. Be on time, stay professional in speech and attitude, do your very best, don’t take anything you did not pay for, and live within your means.

Read part one here.


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