Eight Tips On How to Keep a Job, part 1


The advice I am about to give is twofold. 1) It’s free, so in one sense it is worth what you pay for it, and 2) in many respects it is common sense information. I also must state these are my views not my employer’s (Kansas Dept. of Labor). In regard to employment and loosing a job, I have talked to thousands of people and hundreds of employers. I have a good idea about what will keep someone employed.

I love work. I do not necessarily mean the job I have (though parts of it are fun) I mean work in general. “Why?” you ask. Because work is God ordained. Before Adam and Eve sinned, God gave Adam work to do: “The Lord God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it” (Gen 2:15, emphasis added). When I am at work I try to remember work is a holy endeavor. I do my best, and try to be, not just good, but a great employee.

I will assume the tights and cape of Captain Obvious for a moment: If you like the comforts money can buy then you have to work. Money doesn’t grow on trees, it isn’t free, and, as far as I know, I have never met anyone made out of money. And I have never gotten a job from a poor person. Work is required to earn money. If you get a handout, you’re taking someone’s work.

On a philosophical note: Your work (the physical effort and energy you use to push, pull, think or create) is a form of property. (Thank you John Locke and his Two Treatises of Government.) Your work says something about you as a person because it is an extension of you. Your work is compensated with money (a medium of exchange used in an economy). Your money is a form of personal property. Some forms of work are more valuable than others, hence higher and lower earnings.

With this in mind here is some of what I have learned about keeping a job.

1) Go to work! Show up to work on time! Don’t miss work! And don’t leave early without approval!

Exclamation points are not strong enough emphasis but adding underline, bold, and italics was just too much, you get the idea for how strongly I feel about this.

Attendance is the number one reason for people losing their job. I am not talking about the once a year I overslept, had a car breakdown, had a sick child situation. I am talking about of constant lateness or missing work. This also includes attendance with breaks and lunch. Good attendance is a habit and a mind set. It is a habit because it takes self discipline to got to bed at a decent hours, get up early, get ready, and get to work on time consistently. We all have those days where we say, “I just don’t feel like going to work today.” I just had a day like that yesterday. Don’t be lazy, don’t try to spite your employer, go to work.

It is also a mindset. Employers expect their employees to show up and employees have an obligation to do so. Employers want you there because they have work to do. They don’t want to replace people all the time because this costs more to train a new employee than keeping one employed, and is inefficient. Some people I talked to come across (knowingly or unknowingly) acting like work is not important, or the personal stuff they have going on is more important than work. Calling in, being late or just no showing up is disrespectful to the employer, annoys your boss and coworkers, and puts your job in danger.

Having poor attendance is also the fastest way to not get a raise or advance in your position.

The other seven tips next time… Part two here.


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