The Proper Sphere of Government and God, part 1 (of 3)



The answer for our country’s problems is God. That a one syllable word is the solution to the problems plaguing the United States is not easy for some to swallow, but be that as it may. Like it or not, our country was founded on a Judeo-Christian foundation with the God of the Bible as its head.1 The Declaration of Independence was considered to be the founding of the United States by the men who signed it. This fact should be acknowledged even by those who disagree. Even atheists and other religions benefit from the protective cloak of the Christian founding of the United States. Those men and women who broke with Great Britain understood the necessity of having the source of truth outside of and as a measuring stick for all parts of society and government.

The United States is suffering from a lack of truth derived from outside government. The federal government, and to a great extent state and local governments, are stepping outside of there spheres of sovereignty. In other words, the government is becoming Government (notice the capital “G”) by taking over spheres it was not designed to run and control. The government has not done this without invitation. In fact, there are several factors which contribute to the government stepping outside its natural, constitutionally defined bounds, of which two are primary: human nature and prosperity. A short definition of each needs to be discussed.

Human nature, or more specifically, fallen human nature is the principal reason the Founding Fathers built the constitution and federal government as they did. Yes, there are other reasons, one of which is they studied many different forms of government and chose the Roman republican form because it provided the highest degree of limitation, or checks and balances, on government and the most freedom for the individual.

Even though not every single Founder believed in the personal saving grace of Jesus Christ they did understand human nature in a deeper, fuller way than today’s Americans are accustomed to thinking. Along with their basic convictions from the Bible, they also studied other countries and their histories in order to see what prolonged and what destroyed countries. Many of the Founders held the basic assumption that Genesis chapter three—the history of the fall and the entrance of sin into the world—was the reason they wanted governmental limitations for the people in elected positions.2

Unchecked human nature tends to be corrupted by power through gathering more and more, and ending up at tyranny, the very form of government the Founders abhorred. Additionally, fallen man rejects truth because truth derived from God puts limits on personal actions and the actions of government, and objective truth obligates man to the source of that truth—God. This tendency of human nature applies to other social spheres, the family for example. Fallen human nature, as the Founders saw it, needed limitation to keep man from trampling his fellow man. Prosperity, however, works in reverse.

I will explain this in the next post…

Part two, and part three.



1 Barton, David, Original Intent: The Courts, The Constitution, and Religion, 3rd ed., (WallBuiders, Aledo TX, 2002), 225. There are many citation else ware in the book of the Founders and their usage of Biblical principals in founding our country. Even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson understood the importance of the Bible and Christian religion. They were the least religious Founding Fathers.

2 There are five main parts of a wall which divides man from God, cited from The Barrier by R. B. Theme Jr: (1) Sin, we “missed the mark” of perfect righteousness in accordance to God’s standard, (2) The penalty of sin, death—spiritual at birth, and physical at death, (3) physical birth, we are born with a dead spirit, (4) man’s relative righteousness, whatever good we do is not good enough for God, His standard is higher than ours, (5) the character of God and His divine essence, “no one is a good as God,” and (6) man’s position in Adam, Adam’s choice carried down to us. By believing in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross this wall is taken away and we can once again have a relationship with God.


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