A Perspective From the Left: The National Debt and Obama Care, Part 1

The following is important because it shows people opposite the conservative perspective giving attention to national problems. It is quite obvious neither Republicans or Democrats give a rip about reigning in the government’s spending or repealing Obama Care. So, part of the reason for writing this is twofold.

1) It shows those of a liberal ideology do recognize the coming problems with both issues; plus, their words give credence to conservative people who make the same argument. 2) It is up to us, normal, everyday citizens (like you and me), to change the country for the better and resolve these problems. We cannot be happy with voting once every two years and then be complacent the other 729. At the least we need to inform our elected officials, and at the most we need to run for office. We must be informed and involved. This takes work, this is self government; if we do not work we will continue sliding towards a more controlling government.

I encourage you to watch all the videos links – they are short. The article links are for the sake of integrity and references.

Part One: The National Debt

If Obama Care is so great and 18 trillion dollar debt is not a problem…

On the debt:

Why did Paul Krugman, Nobel Economics winner, and liberal say: The debt is not a problem now but it will be in 10 years and the only way to solve it is with a VAT tax and death panels?

Here is another video where he says the same thing:

A VAT tax means Value Added Tax. It is a tax on every step of the goods production. Basically, it is a hidden tax which adds to the final cost for consumers and increases tax revenue for the government. Every time a component changes hands the purchaser must pay the VAT tax. For example: the raw ore passing the refinery, the refined steel to the milling company, the finished item (like a car door frame) to the car company, and then the consumer buying the car. Correct me if I am wrong – but I believe part of the reason for a huge revolt prior to the Revolution of 1776, was due to the Stamp Act, which was in essence a tax on every piece of paper.

Death panels? Did he really say that?! I remember Sarah Palin being excoriated for claiming the same thing. (Don’t believe me? Here is a list of  videos where the media is making fun of her).

But, Mr. Krugman is completely serious.

Now the government, through the Affordable Care Act, will make the decisions on what procedures are necessary. (This won’t happen overnight, but will be slowly enacted.) You won’t get to make important decisions with your doctor (if you can even keep your doctor). I am not making this claim, Krugman is. His idea is all for the sake of dealing with our country’s debt – not healthcare per say. So, yeah the national debt is not a problem if you’re okay with goods costing more and a group of government employees deciding if a medical procedure is necessary or not.

Perhaps we’d better act now and not let the economy get to this point. In my next post I will focus what on what Robert Reich has to say about our national healthcare.